Halloween treat must-have: Cheryl’s Cookies spook-tacular collection

Photo: Chery's cookies.. Photo by Sandy Casanova
Photo: Chery's cookies.. Photo by Sandy Casanova /

With Cheryl’s Cookies, it’s never too late to add deliciously spooky treats to your home (and belly), and these Halloween cookies should be on top of your list!

If you’re like me, you take your cookie jars (or trays) very seriously and update them each season. It is the most visited section in my home, and some cookies last longer than others. When Cheryl’s Cookies latest shipment arrived to my home, I knew just by looking at them they wouldn’t be around for long.

Cheryl’s Cookies has launched their Halloween collection and gave me a first-look! After checking out what they had to offer this season, I requested Cheryl’s Cookies Signature Buttercream Cookies and the Crunchy Sugar Cookies. Everything I do is with a purpose (well, most of the time)! And I wanted to try both of these as they are book spook-tacular, but as different as can be.

Find my thoughts, review, and all you need to know about these cookies, below.

Cheryl's Cookies
Photo: Chery’s cookies.. Photo by Sandy Casanova /

Halloween Cauldron

The Halloween Cauldron includes 16 buttercream frosted pumpkin and ghost shaped cut-out cookies. Simple, yet very popular shapes each Halloween season. I mean, you can’t go wrong with ghosts and pumpkins! The buttercream is carefully and evenly spread. As you can see, the cookies survived the shipment just fine and are looking adorable! I’ve had Cheryl’s Cookies buttercream treats before and the consistency here is as great as ever. These are some of my favorite, any shape or season.

Cheryl's Cookies
Photo: Chery’s cookies.. Photo by Sandy Casanova /

Finally, I love how all 16 cookies are individually wrapped! This is the case for most Cheryl’s Cookies products, which I love! It makes it so easy to take with you or pack one in your kid’s school lunch for a nice and spooky surprise. Oh, and yes, the cookies arrive in a witch’s cauldron you can keep with you to decorate! Priced at $39.99, find the Halloween Cauldron HERE.

Mini Halloween Crunchy Sugar Cookies

With Cheryl’s Cookies mostly known for their buttercream cookies, I was very excited to try their new treats: Mini Halloween CRUNCHY sugar cookies. Now, this may be an unpopular opinion, but as much as I love soft cookies with buttercream, I’ve always been drawn to crunchy cookies more. Needless to say, these are a winner in my book!

Cheryl’s Cookies new mini crunchy delights are delicious and I love how they are bite-size. These aren’t individually wrapped, but they are mini and packaged carefully in groups of 15.

The cookies are in the shapes of the letters “B,” and “O,” allowing you to spell out “BOO” 5 times. These are almost too cute to eat and make an excellent gift to your neighbor or friend, you can also have them delivered to someone you are missing this Halloween season, they’ll love it.

Priced at $24.99, find the Mini Halloween Crunchy Sugar Cookies HERE.

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For a delivery, I recommend the Mini Halloween Crunchy Sugar Cookies, but to be displayed at your home or hand out to visitors, go for the Halloween Cauldron. To satisfy your taste buds, you can’t go wrong with either!