State Fair of Texas 2019: Winners and losers

State Fair of Texas 2019, photo by Jessie Hass/State Fair of Texas®
State Fair of Texas 2019, photo by Jessie Hass/State Fair of Texas® /

Another State Fair of Texas has come and gone. Let’s reflect on what we loved (and didn’t) the most this year!

The State Fair of Texas opened its doors Sept. 27 and Texans rushed to be a part of it. Each year, fairgoers look forward to soaking in all things Texas! From the rides, the culture, to the delicious food, we absolutely love it all. Did you go to the fair this year? It’s been reported that, this year, the fair welcomed over 2.5 million visitors! It just keeps growing.

Guilty Eats stopped by the fair several times to bring you the latest scoop on what’s new, what’s super tasty, what to skip, and which attractions to check out. Now that the State Fair of Texas is over for the year, let’s review what we loved best and didn’t.

Winners: One of the biggest changes I noticed about the fair is the space. A lot of the attractions have moved indoors, mainly the kids farm and barn. We found a small petting zoo, which accommodated the Little Hand on the Farm that used to be outdoors. I personally loved this! The more kid activities that are located indoors, the better as children are more prone to heat exhaustion — and some days can get hot!

State Fair of Texas
State Fair of Texas, photo by Carlos Perez /

Speaking of high temperatures, the fair had parents in mind, too. I noticed several of benches under new red umbrellas all over the fair, but mainly close to Big Tex. The extra shade is highly appreciated!

The Cotton Candy Burrito is another winner. This is a new take on the Cotton Candy Taco that debuted last year. It’s the same, sure, but even sweeter thanks to the ice cream. If you were searching for a sweet dessert, this one likely stole your heart.

Finally, there’s the Fla’mango Tango, a puff pastry filled with mango, glazed, and topped with whipped cream. Very generous portion and the best of both worlds: One warm and sweet, the other icy!

Losers: Unfortunately, with the exception of the foods mentioned above and old favorites, food failed to impress me this year. There didn’t seem to be many new additions worth checking out. And those that I did sample, didn’t wow me as others in previous years.

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What was your favorite thing about the fair this year? And what do you think should change come 2020? The State Fair of Texas should be back around the same time next year.