Popeyes: When exactly is the chicken sandwich back?

A Popeyes restaurant (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
A Popeyes restaurant (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) /

This Monday is turning out to be extra great thanks to Popeyes announcing the return of their beloved chicken sandwich!

The chicken sandwich. Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich. You remember it, right? We’re totally joking, who can truly forget about the popular sandwich that had just about everyone going insane? It had to leave us for a minute (try two months), mostly due to high demand. But now, Popeyes is proud to announce it’s coming back! When is that and will it be exactly as before?

One doesn’t really hear about a food item running out, but that’s exactly what happened when Popeyes rolled back on their spicy chicken sandwich and removed it from the menu this summer. It’s been two months (though it feels like forever) and now we finally have a date for its return!

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Earlier today, the fast food restaurant announced that we’ll be able to enjoy the sandwich again November 3! Gasp. While I’m delighted that it’s coming back, I feel like a warning would have been nice. Mark your calendars and plan to be lining up for hours: The spicy chicken sandwich is back Sunday, November 3.

Here’s a snippet of the press release: 

"“We plan to offer it to our guests for a long time,” Bruno Cardinali, head of marketing for North America at Popeyes, told CNN Business in an email. “We are confident that we’ll be able to meet the demand.”"

In addition to preparation, the restaurant has also hired more employees to help with demand. Hey, if Popeyes is up for the challenge, we’re all ready for this relaunch! Are you? Will you be heading to Popeyes this Sunday?

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After Popeyes, which spicy chicken sandwich is your favorite? Share with us if you think the one at Popeyes is overrated or not appreciated enough?