We got a second chance with Popeyes Chicken Sandwich, don’t blow it

On Nov. 3, Popeyes is bringing back their Chicken Sandwich. We have a second crack at this, so we shouldn’t blow it.

Popeyes employees have been preparing for the return of their Chicken Sandwich for quite some time, and so have we.

If you recall, when the restaurant brought back their Chicken Sandwich, all of America seemingly went crazy over it, turning their local Popeyes into parking lots, and even going to the extreme as to threaten Popeyes employees when the sandwiches ran out.

The promotional campaign surrounding the Chicken Sandwich was a stroke of genius, but it also served as a cautionary tale as to how a promotion could be so good, it’ll work against itself. After seeing the insane hype grow ridiculously out of proportion, Popeyes decided to discontinue the sandwich for a bit until the heat cooled.

It may seem like a wait in vain. We’re already seeing the signs of pandemonium that is gearing up to swamp the fast food restaurant all over the country, and this is exactly what we shouldn’t be doing.

Listen, we have a golden opportunity for a second chance with the Chicken Sandwich. Let’s not blow it getting into petty fights with people in the drive-thru line, or making the lives of the employees and actual living nightmare.

I don’t care how good it is, because, at the end of the day, Popeyes’ Chicken Sandwich is just that — a chicken sandwich. Why are we going bat crazy over something so simple?

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I get it, the Chicken Sandwich is life (depending on the location), but it’s not like it is the only good fast-food item left in the world. So when the Chicken Sandwich is released on Nov. 3, let us all act like was have at least some semblance of sense, and not slide into the tenth level of burning fire.