Thirsty Thursdays: Is Mountain Dew’s new Voo Dew worth it?


Mountain Dew has come out with a new flavor, the peach-inspired “Voo Dew.” So we ask, is it worth your money and your time?

Mountain Dew must love to just drop new flavors on us like Dracula loves to dole out surprise blood suckings in a haunted house. They did it with the Baja Blast, then with Code Red and Voltage. Now, the venerable drink maker is dropping yet another flavor on us seemingly out of nowhere — the “Voo Dew.”

This new drink is a peach flavored-soda that should tickle the taste buds this holiday season. I mean, peaches will be in dominate display, so why not add this peach flavored soda to the Mountain Dew family of flavors?

Well, it seemed as they answered their fan’s calls, but is the new Voo Dew truly worthy of joining the ranks of stellar Mountain Dew flavors?

That’s hard to call, mostly because I haven’t tried it yet, and I want to give the new flavor and actual fair shot at winning my taste buds over. Mountain Dew has done it before with the famous Baja Blast, and again with Code Red. I’ve never really been a fan of the Voltage soda, but I knew a few folks who are, though.

I have little doubt in my mind that there will be some diehard Mountian Dew lovers that will Cape hard for the Voo Dew, and that’s OK — for the moment. When I get my hands on it, though, you can best believe that I will be fair and honest with the Voo Dew.

Now, I’m not a big fan of peach-flavored drinks, and it gave me some pause when I heard that the Voo Dew was going to be a peach soda. However, I’m willing to have an open mind, which is the least I can do for a soft drink brand that has yet to let me down.