Pepperidge Farm introduces first holiday cookie in a decade: Toy Soldier

Pepperidge Farm Toy Soldier cookies, photo by Sandy Casanova
Pepperidge Farm Toy Soldier cookies, photo by Sandy Casanova /

Rejoice, more holiday cookies are on the way! The iconic Christmas Spectacular and Pepperidge Farm have teamed up for a new cookie coming soon, Toy Soldier.

We may still need to make way for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but that doesn’t mean we can’t already begin to indulge in Christmas treats, especially when they are this delicious! Pepperidge Farm sent a couple of packages my way to sample and I’m jumping early on this one to declare Toy Soldier my new favorite holiday cookies!

It’s amazing to learn that this is Pepperidge Farm’s first holiday cookie in a decade. I’m not sure why, but I’m glad they finally created this delicious treat. Below, read all about the taste and where you can get some for yourself.

The cookies are beautifully and carefully packaged. When I first received these, I thought the cookies were all mixed inside and moving around. To my surprise, Pepperidge Farm is more attentive than that! The packages have dividers to help the cookies keep their shape.

These are shortbread cookies, but they don’t dissolve easy. You’ll find they are sturdy and oh so tasty! These go perfect with your morning hot coffee or hot chocolate morning or night! The shortbread cookies are in the shape of a toy soldier and, unlike many other products, you can easily see the figure of it.

With the first bite, you’ll detect the cinnamon and brown sugar flavors. And, you guessed it, one simply won’t be enough! A package (or three) are a must this holiday season to keep in your pantry for cravings or sharing. These also make great gifts for your host or holiday dinner.

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These cookies will arrive in stores this month and join Pepperidge Farm’s other popular holiday cookies: Candy Cane Milano, Mint Brussels, Chessmen and more! Prices vary, but should run around $3.89.