Give me Krispy Kreme’s Thanksgiving donuts, or give me death


If you ever need another reasons as to why Krispy Kreme is the king of donuts, look no further than their Thanksgiving-inspired donuts.

My God, Krispy Kreme, you have done it again! Just when we couldn’t heap any more praise on this legendary donut chain, they’ve gone out and done what many thought would be impossible. Krispy Kreme went out and created Thanksgiving-inspired donuts just for the holiday season, and they look delicious.

Officially called the “Easy As Pie Donuts,” these babies are meant to mimic the traditional desserts you see at the Thanksgiving table. Take a look at these pastries, below!

There’s the Dutch Apple Pie Donut, which is filled with the classic apple pie filling and is dipped perfectly in caramel icing; and to get all extra, Krispy Kreme topped it with streusel topping and cemented it with icing lattice.

The (fancy) Dutch Apple Pie Donut would be a huge seller within itself, but then, Krispy Kreme had to transform the chocolate pie into the Chocolate Kreme Pie Donut, which has chocolate Kreme filling and is dipped in chocolate icing, all topped with a dollop of their Kreme and mini chocolate chips.

I mean, who needs pies when you can get a dozen of either of these special donuts. Heck, you wouldn’t even have to choose, you could mix-and-match and watch yourself become the celebrity family member at Thanksgiving.

And I haven’t even mentioned the final Thanksgiving donut, the immortal Cherry Pie Donut, which has a cherry filling center and is topped out with pie crust crumbles. It may seem like the more basic of the three, but then I’ll tell you it’s also decorated with icing lattice. See what I did there?

All three of these delectable donuts will be the main features of Krispy Kreme’s holiday menu; and although they’re missing a Pumpkin Pie Donut, in reality, who would be looking for one when the aforementioned three Thanksgiving donuts could easily still the show? I rest my case.