Holiday table must-have: Miss Grace Mini Bundt Cake Sampler from Cheryl’s Cookies

Miss Grace Mini Bundt Cake Sampler from Cheryl's Cookies, photo by Sandy Casanova
Miss Grace Mini Bundt Cake Sampler from Cheryl's Cookies, photo by Sandy Casanova /

This holiday season, Cheryl’s Cookies is here for all your sweet and savory needs! Wow your guests with Miss Grace Mini Bundt Cake Sampler!

Cheryl’s Cookies is known and loved for their sweet buttercream and sugar cookies, but there’s more to the brand than tiny bites! While cookies are front and center, there are other treats and selections around the corner, and one of the tastiest is the Miss Grace Mini Bundt Cake Sampler.

I received this product from Cheryl’s Cookies to try out for myself and everyone at my home had something great to say (though we did debate over the best one). Below, find my review of the product’s flavors, quality, and presentation, as well as where you can order one for yourself and all the details in between.

The assortment of Miss Grace mini cakes in this special Miss Grace Mini Bundt Cake Sampler bundle includes 5 mini cakes. They are lemon, chocolate fudge, confetti, and two lemon cranberry. At first, I wished the variety included two confetti or chocolate fudge cakes instead of two lemon cranberry. These are simply more attractive. But never judge a book by its cover, especially food!

Miss Grace Mini Bundt Cake Sampler
Miss Grace Mini Bundt Cake Sampler from Cheryl’s Cookies, photo by Sandy Casanova /

After voting on our favorite flavors, these are the results:

  1. Lemon Cranberry
  2. Chocolate Fudge
  3. Lemon
  4. Confetti

Surprised? So was I! The flavor I was least excited to sample turned out to be my favorite. The Lemon Cranberry is simply delicious! I’m a huge fan of classic flavors with a twist, and the cranberry definitely adds that little extra to this cake. Speaking of classic flavors, the Chocolate Fudge tastes like a brownie. It makes you crave hot chocolate or another hot beverage, which helps set the holiday feels.

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If you’re into fruity cakes, Miss Grace’s lemon cake should hit the spot. And though the icing does give the Confetti cake a unique taste, it’s just your average confetti birthday cake.

As for the quality, they are carefully packaged individually and come in a gift-wrapped Holiday box. The box is gorgeous and makes a great gift! The cakes coming individually packed makes it easy for the recipient to enjoy one and safely (and quickly) store the rest.

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For your next holiday party, be it Thanksgiving or Christmas, be sure to have Miss Grace Mini Bundt Cake Holiday Sampler from Cheryl’s Cookies at the dessert table, they are sure to be a hit. Find them online HERE, priced at $39.99.