Green Eggs and Ham, anyone? Subway and Netflix are making Dr. Seuss dreams come true

Green Eggs and Ham - Credit: Netflix
Green Eggs and Ham - Credit: Netflix /

Netflix premiered the animated series Green Eggs and Ham over the weekend and has partnered with Subway to make this food a reality.

In case you missed it (no judging, we know it was a busy weekend), Netflix and Subway have a special treat for you, especially if you are a fan of Dr. Seuss. Unfortunately, there is a catch here, this sandwich is only available in New York and Los Angeles markets.

Presenting, the LTO sandwich, based on the animated series. This food item consists of green eggs (why, of course), ham American cheese, guacamole (yum), fresh spinach, and sliced tomatoes! All of this is wrapped with Italian bread. It’s available now while supplies last — so don’t wait on this one!

If you’re wondering what makes this sandwich green, well, it’s not food coloring! It’s actually spinach that makes the eggs green. And if you feel left out by those in NY and LA, know that anyone can celebrate Green Eggs and Ham by purchasing a Fresh Fit for Kids meal. Each one comes with a Green Eggs and Ham game that will crown one grand prize winner a family trip to a city of their choice. Good luck!

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Green Eggs and Ham is now streaming on Netflix. If you’ve seen the animated series, what did you think? Share with us in the comments! 

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