Budweiser and the NBA want to ‘Drink Wiser’ with a little help from Danny Green and Anthony Anderson

Photo: New Budweiser Ad Starring Lakers’ Danny Green & Blackish’s Anthony Anderson.. Image Courtesy Budweiser
Photo: New Budweiser Ad Starring Lakers’ Danny Green & Blackish’s Anthony Anderson.. Image Courtesy Budweiser /
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Drink Wiser
EL SEGUNDO, CALIFORNIA – SEPTEMBER 27: Danny Green #14 of the Los Angeles Lakers speaks to the press during Los Angeles Lakers media day at UCLA Health Training Center on September 27, 2019 in El Segundo, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) /

Interview with Lakers star Danny Green

Guilty Eats: What inspired you to want to be a part of Budweiser’s Drink Wiser campaign?

Danny Green: I was inspired to work with Budweiser specifically because of the message behind their Drink Wiser campaign. As an athlete, I see firsthand how a player-to-fan interaction can go south quickly when fans aren’t responsible about their drinking — especially in the heat of the moment in a game. In my experience, the game is more fun for everyone when responsible behaviors are promoted and practiced.

GE: What message do you hope to present to the world with this collaboration with Anthony
Anderson and Budweiser?

DG: Hydrating between Buds is such a simple behavior that every fan can practice when rooting for their favorite team. I hope Budweiser’s Drink Wiser campaign resonates with fans the way that
it’s resonated with me — and fans keeps this important message top of mind when ordering a beer at their next game.

GE: How do you enjoy watching a game (if you get the chance)?

DG: Definitely like to get off my feet when I have a chance to watch some of my teams, so the first
thing I do is find a good spot on the couch to kick back and relax. In season, I usually hydrate as
much as possible, so I always have a water near me. Finally, the best way to watch a game is
with your buds – family, friends, whoever is around.

GE: What’s your game day guilty pleasure (food or drink)?

DG: Probably wings, some mac n cheese. I try to eat as clean and healthy as possible, but I allow
myself a cheat day here and there.

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Whether you are a fan of Budweiser or another beer, we can all agree that it is important to drink responsibly. And we are definitely fans of this new Drink Wiser campaign. With the help of Anthony Anderson and Danny Green, we hope more people remember to hydrate between drinks.