Big cereal and candy makers are getting in on the Gingerbread House craze

Building Gingerbread Houses used to be a small family tradition. Now, big cereal and candy makers are seeing the dollar signs and getting in on the craze.

To be honest, I can’t believe it took the big cereal and candy makers this long to get in on the Gingerbread House craze. Building a Gingerbread House is a time-honored holiday tradition for many families, and normally, most use traditional gingerbreads and other assortments to create and build their simple or elaborate houses.

That isn’t the case anymore, as we’ve recently seen a glut of corporate-made Gingerbread Houses pop up at stores all over the country. Kelloggs, the cereal king of the world. has enlisted Rice Krispies Treats to be the creation of their 3D Holiday Trail Kit, which is a trail built out of Rice Krispies Treats.

Tootsie Roll wasn’t about to sit out the Gingerbread House craze and let Kelloggs have all the fun, as they have partnered with Walmart to release the Gingerbread Cottage Kit, featuring all of the iconic candy brands such as Double Bubble gum, Dots, and Fruit Chews.

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Last, but certainly not least, is the Paw Patrol Gingerbread Pup House from Nickelodeon, in which kids will be able to build a Paw Patrol-themed Gingerbread House featuring their favorite characters from the show.

All three of these corporate Gingerbread Houses will run you around $9, but while these will be simple and fun to make, one has to wonder if the corporate houses are on the same level as the personal, homemade Gingerbread Houses?

And maybe that’s my main gripe about these corporate Gingerbread Houses. While they promote family fun and togetherness for the holidays, one has to have the feeling that these pre-designed houses are just made to make a quick buck on the holidays.

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Besides, we do tend to get gullible with our wallets around the holidays. Will you be buying one of these for your family?