McDonald’s Australia offers up their own one-handed meal hack

We are always looking for interesting food hacks. And McDonald’s Australia seems to understand that, as they offer their own hack via Instagram.

We love a good food hack, and if they happen to be for McDonald’s, then we need to know all about it. And it seems that the fast food giant in Australia understands us, as they have taken to Instagram to share their one trick to eating with one hand.

In a post shared to the McDonald’s Australia social media account, they shared a picture of how to set up a meal to be enjoyed one-handed. Of course, in order to do this, there are a few things you have to get in order to make this happen.

Not only do you have to get a drink with a sturdy straw (good luck with that), but you need to order a burger that comes in a box and not a wrapper. And of course, no good meal would be complete without french fries.

After putting your straw in your drink, McDonald’s asks you to take your cardboard burger box and place it over the drink with the straw coming through the center of the box. In the lid side of the box, you add your fries (after removing them from their container).

While we love the way this meal hack looks in the diagram that McDonald’s Australia shared (that included side notes that made it clear that no tools are required), we have some concerns about this trick. Not only does it seem a bit precarious, but exactly how are we supposed to eat the burger without using our other hand?

And it seems we weren’t the only ones with questions, as some of their followers shared their own thoughts about this hack, according to Fox News. Some Instagram users shared that they actually tried this hack, only to lose their burger or fries (with one side falling off the top of the drink depending on how they ate their meal).

Another user pointed out that it does not seem like a good idea to put warm food on top of a cold drink. And of course, there was someone else who missed the part where you have to get a burger in box, as they shared that getting a sandwich in a wrapper doesn’t work for this hack at all.

Honestly, even with the Instagram users throwing doubt on this particular one-handed hack, we almost want to give it a try anyway. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

What do you think of this food hack from McDonald’s Australia? Do you think this hack will work? Would you try this set up? Tell us what you think in the comments.