Krispy Kreme holiday doughnuts sure look good on Instagram, but are they delicious?

Krispy Kreme has decided to show off their new holiday doughnuts on Instagram, and they sure look good! Have you tried them?

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are simply a taste of art in real life, but who knew they would look equally good in real life? When we scrolled through our IG pages at Guilty Eats HQ, we came upon a post from the North Carolina-based doughnuts legend, in which the chain showcases their new holiday donut line to the rest of the IG world, and, OMG, they look so scrumptious!

The Krispy Kreme holiday doughnuts are made just as their famous line of doughnuts are made, but with one secret ingredient — magic. No, really, that’s the mojo behind these doughnuts, and the way they’re presented on Instagram, Krispy Kreme should use love for their doughnuts every single day of the year.

Before anyone says it, I’ll address it — yes, I know that the holiday doughnuts in real life won’t resemble the ones on Instagram. We’ve already done an entire story on how fast-food chains use “special products” to make their food look pretty for promotional purposes.

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I have zero doubt that Krispy Kreme has done the same with their Instagram post, but that doesn’t mean that this tactic doesn’t work. If anything, it proves the exact opposite, that if the product looks pretty and presentable, we’ll be more-than-willing to shell out our hard-earned money to munch on said product.

Add in the fact that Krispy Kreme sells a reliable product, and the Instagram post gives the holiday doughnuts an extra boost in appeal. With the exception of the pretzel chocolate doughnut (I honestly don’t know how to feel about that one), all of the holiday doughnuts look pretty good, and I simply can’t wait to take a dive into this box of holiday goodness, even if it does look ugly in real life.

If you’ve tried one, what did you think?