The Mystery Oreo flavor has been revealed: Did you get it right?

The flavor of the Mystery OREO released a few months back has finally been revealed! And the mystery flavor is…

Did you participate in OREO’s hunt for the mystery flavor? At Guilty Eats, we sure did! OREO was kind enough to send us a package of the mysterious OREO cookies and we shared with friends and family so we can all try them out and put our taste buds to the test!

Now, OREO has announced that the case is officially closed. The mystery flavor is, drumroll please: Churro Flavored Creme!

Wow. I have to say I’m disappointed in myself for not guessing that. Now that I think back, the mystery cookie does give hints of Churro. My best guess was cinnamon. Sort of like Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Hey, I suppose I wasn’t too far off. How did you do?

The press release shares that some popular guesses include funnel cake, graham cracker (this was my second best guess), and even gingerbread. Are you surprised to learn the mystery flavor is churro? It’s one of the most popular carnival flavors! We should have known better, really.

Now that we know what the mystery flavor is, I want to try the cookie again! Thanks for the cravings, OREO. Churro Flavored Creme also sounds great for this holiday season.

A huge congratulations to the winner! They have some great taste buds. The winner doesn’t only take home bragging rights, but also a cash prize valued at $50,000! A merry Christmas to the winner indeed! Better luck next time to us all.

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