Jolly Rancher is getting its own cereal and Walmart is already starting to offer this fruity treat

Who else feels like fruit-flavored cereals are better than any of the other varieties? If you agree, you might be excited by the fact that there is now a Jolly Rancher cereal.

There is a new cereal on the market that is going to have candy lovers rejoicing. If you love the way Jolly Rancher hard candies taste, then you are in for a real treat, or at least a great breakfast.

A press release we received this morning clued us in to the fact that Walmart is currently offering boxes of Jolly Rancher cereal. And while the news was initially shared via Instagram by someone with the name @i_need_a_snack, we are excited by the fact that this cereal is a real thing.

If you want to give this candy-inspired cereal a try, Walmart is selling it for $3.64 per box in stores, which is definitely a steal for breakfast.

Much like a traditional bag filled with the hard candy features a variety of flavors, this cereal will feature crunchy bits that taste like grape, blue raspberry, apple, cherry, and watermelon. This means that all of the flavors we know and love are being featured in each bowl we pour.

Over at Delish, there was some concern over the idea of mixing milk with Jolly Ranchers, but we have to think that if you can enjoy a bowl of Froot Loops, Trix, or Fruity Pebbles loaded with milk, then this won’t be an issue. And besides, it’s not like these are actual Jolly Rancher candies you are crunching on for breakfast.

I am totally here for this latest cereal news. I may skip breakfast often, but this sounds like a perfect treat for a late night snack (cereal is always a good snack at night). And considering the Instagrammer who revealed this news has reviewed this cereal already, we already have a pretty good idea that this is going to be another delicious addition to our breakfast routines.

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What do you think of Jolly Rancher cereal? Do you think this is a good flavor choice? Is there another classic candy that you think would make a better cereal flavor? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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