KeepCup Launches Star Wars Travel Mugs

In time for Christmas and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, KeepCup has launched limited edition Star Wars travel mugs.

Star Wars fans rejoice—KeepCup has launched a line of Star Wars travel mugs just in time for Christmas 2019.

Delish announced the news, which we presume led to KeepCup’s site crashing over interest from excited Star Wars fans.

Because really, these Star Wars travel mugs are gorgeous enough to make you consider joining the dark side!

KeepCup’s Star Wars travel mugs come in the form of protagonist Rey, furry co-pilot Chewbacca, iconic droids R2-D2 and BB-8, as well as Darth Vader and Stormtrooper mugs for those Empire and First Order fans. No news yet of a Baby Yoda travel mug, but hopefully we will get one soon!

The mugs are as functional as they are beautiful. The tempered glass of the mugs makes them easy to hold and each mug has a press-fit lid to ensure that nothing spills. According to KeepCup’s website, you can drink from the mugs with and without the lid on.

Each mug boasts a silicon band at the centre that has been adorned with the recognisable design of the iconic characters, with the designs flowing onto the glass to complete the effect.

The mugs are available in a few varieties—original, brew, and longplay.

The R2 and BB-8 original travel mugs are available in the 227ml size for $20, and the brew versions are available for $26.

The Stormtrooper mugs are slightly larger, at 340ml—the original is available at $21 and the brew version is priced at $28, which is the same price for the Rey brew.

The Chewbacca original is the biggest mug (obviously), at 454ml, and is priced at $22. The Darth Vader mug is available for $36.

For fans of the franchise, any and all merchandise is a gift, no matter what time of year it is. And these travel mugs are perfect for anyone planning to get a Baby Yoda Latte, as Admiral Holdo herself, Laura Dern, recently posted on her Instagram.

KeepCup’s Star Wars travel mugs aren’t just great to look at and use, but they are also good for the environment—they can be refilled and cleaned, thus saving the planet from single-use cups.

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KeepCup’s Star Wars travel mugs are available for a limited time only on their website. So what do you think of these new travel mugs?