Which fast food restaurants are open Boxing Day 2019?

For most of us, the celebrations have come to an end. But many are still celebrating today. Which fast food restaurants are open Boxing Day 2019?

There are many who say goodbye to the holiday season on Dec. 26 and begin to fall back into their usual routine. But that doesn’t include everyone. Today is Boxing Day, a holiday celebrated the day after Christmas in the United Kingdom and several other countries. Do you participate?

Boxing Day is a day many people in these countries take off from work to relax and give “Christmas boxes” to family and friends. That’s right, there are those who enjoy celebrating an extra day! That said, if you are in one of these countries and wondering if your favorite restaurant is opening up for business today, here’s what we know!

Depending on where you live, the answer is rather simple. If you are in the United States of America, rest assured that every single fast food joint opens up today. This includes Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, Burger King, you name it! Business is back as usual for everyone in the states and fast food restaurants follow regular operation hours.

If you live outside of the US and in a country where Boxing Day is observed (such as Canada), you’ll find that most major fast food chains are open. Some may follow different operation hours, though, such as opening up later than usual or closing up early.

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So what does close on this day? Nothing to worry about, your favorite restaurant is likely open. What closes on Boxing Day are most banks, libraries, government offices, and there is no mail service. This doesn’t include stores, though! In fact, shopping malls are open on extended hours to accommodate sales.