An M&M’s Spread exists and we’ll take 10!

What a time to be alive to learn that a crispy M&M’s Spread exists in the world! Want some? Of course you do! Here are all the details you need to know.

Let’s give PopSugar all the credit, they reported on this first earlier this year after Helenjtea on Instagram alerted the world about this delight! It’s true, there’s an M&M’s Spread and yes, it comes with crunchy M&M’s!

You won’t find this in stores, though. There is only one place you can get it at — Amazon!

The brand is aware that this spread has been discovered and that it is on high-demand. When the story was first published, one would only cost $15, but now the price has jumped up to $16.29. Eh, it is still a small price to pay for something to delicious. No, I have not tried it just yet, but come on, how can it not be great? Toast and spread is about to become our favorite snack.

This isn’t a new product, so shame on all of us for not discovering it any sooner. But hey, now we have the perfect snack to welcome the year 2020 (aka the new decade) with! Therefore, excuse me while I order a few to start the new year right! Because regular peanut butter spread is SO last decade!

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