Is Jack in the Box open New Year’s Day?

Do Jack in the Box’s tacos sound like a good meal to welcome 2020 with? Thought so! But does the fast food restaurant open on New Year’s Day?

Let’s be honest, cooking is not fun. Well, at least it isn’t for most of us. This is particularly true after the holiday season. We are all absolutely cooked-out by the time New Year’s Eve arrives. And if we are talking honesty, let’s push it further and admit that any New Year’s Eve meal only consists of mainly alcohol and finger foods (very few, finger foods).

Needless to say, we wake up hungry (or just finish off the day hungry)! Very hungry. And nothing sounds better after a night of partying than some Jack in the Box tacos, curly fries, and a large sweet tea. Okay, maybe we should go with something that is more hydrating than a sweet tea, but you get the idea.

This New Year’s Day, will Jack in the Box be there for us as our first meal of 2020? YES! Rejoice, Jack fans, the fast food restaurant will definitely be open.

Jack in the Box is open on most holidays, even Christmas Day, but operation hours always differ on the big holidays. It’s great to know most locations are ready to serve up some tasty (and budget-friendly) food!

Let’s back up a bit here, though. Though most locations are opening today, operation hours are different. Some locations may be opening later than usual or closing up early. Be sure you check before stopping by for a meal.

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Which fast food restaurant is your favorite to unwind at the start of a New year?