Get in the car, we’re going to Raleigh’s Grilled Cheese Festival!

Triple Coverage Grilled Cheese Sandwich University of Wisconsin-Madison, photo provided by Levy
Triple Coverage Grilled Cheese Sandwich University of Wisconsin-Madison, photo provided by Levy /

What’s better than a grilled cheese sandwich? A grilled cheese festival, of course! Where is it and when does it take place? Check here for all the details.

Who doesn’t like a grilled cheese sandwich? Even the lactose intolerant and vegans find ways to make their own versions of the delicious and gooey sandwich. What better way to celebrate the best sandwich in the world than by giving it its own festival?

But does such a thing exist? It does and it’s in Raleigh, NC! On Saturday, May 2, 2020, you can eat all the grilled cheese you can fit in your stomach. There will be samples of all different kinds so you don’t have to worry about getting sick of eating one flavor over and over again. There are a bunch of different vendors so there’s sure to be lots of unique cheesy sandwiches.

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Besides grilled cheese, the festival will also feature games, music, a Bloody Mary garden (the perfect drink to go with grilled cheese!), and a mimosa bar!

So how do you get a ticket? There are currently general admission and VIP tickets available (a grilled cheese VIP?!). The general admission tickets allow you unlimited grilled cheese, two drink tickets, two tickets so you can vote for the best sandwich, and one raffle ticket. The tickets cost $35.

The VIP tickets offer everything the general admission tickets do plus early entry, four drink tickets, and one extra raffle ticket. VIP tickets are $50 and are only for those 21 and up. You can eat grilled cheese to your heart’s content from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. VIPs can get in at 12 p.m.

Four hours of chowing down on cheese and bread? Have we all died an gone to heaven? Is Raleigh, NC in heaven? I don’t know what you plan on doing this Spring, but I’m heading to North Carolina to eat all the grilled cheese I can handle.

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Will you be heading to the Grilled Cheese Festival this May? Let us know in the comments below!