Accompany your Trolls 2 excitement with Trix Trolls Cereal with Marshmallows!

Yes, Trix may be for kids (I refuse), but we are all over this Trolls Cereal inspired by the upcoming sequel, Trolls World Tour!

Before we get into the details, Guilty Eats would like to offer you all an apology. This cereal made its debut in stores last year and we totally slept on it. Trust us, we are as disappointed as you are. Imagine all the cereal bowls we missed out on! Well, miss out no more! Head on over for your own box or three of Trix Trolls Cereal with Marshmallows.

Wow, this is exciting. Whenever a movie is about to release in theaters, food companies and brands take full advantage of it! McDonald’s is always a step ahead with their Happy Meal toys, but there is also always a fun cereal that accompanies a release.

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General Mills has jumped in on this one, collaborating with Trolls World Tour to create Trix Trolls Cereal with Marshmallows. Honestly, it’s nearly the same as other Trix cereals, but the colors resemble the colorful world of Poppy and the trolls.

We all know January can be super dull. Step out of the dungeon and go grab a box of this cereal! It has been spotted at all major retailers such as Kroger, Wal-Mart, and Target!

Check out the cereal below, it’s so inviting! Well, Trix always has been. I’m down for a nostalgic treat. Or, in this case, a nostalgic breakfast. 

Trolls World Tour is in theaters on April 17, 2020, so you have plenty of time to eat up before the release! Will you be watching the movie on premiere night with the kids?