At 7-Eleven, their new pizza is both a snack and meal!

7-Eleven may not come to mind when you think about breakfast, but their new breakfast pizza may change your mind about that!

“Is it a snack? Is it a meal?” 7-Eleven simply answers, “yes.” Because, when you have tasty, affordable food in front of you, why ask any questions? The new breakfast snack/meal at 7-Eleven may be one of the most filling and cheapest breakfast options in the fast food game. Read all the details, below!

Chew Boom calls this story to our attention, 7-Eleven stores introduced their new personal-size breakfast pizza earlier this week, but have still to try it out! I definitely will at one point, I’m never one to pass up a great deal. Not only is this cheap, though, but it also doesn’t look half bad.

The personal-size breakfast pizza at 7-Eleven is priced at $2! How can anyone beat that deal? Get yourself a $1 coffee while there, and you got yourself a $3 breakfast meal. If you are ever craving pizza in the mornings, but know that pizza isn’t exactly a “breakfast meal,” why not get a breakfast pizza?

These are available hot and ready, like most of their snack/meals, and are 5-inches around featuring a flaky biscuit crust. Topping the pizza is white gravy, scrambled eggs, sausage crumbles, bacon, ham, and cheese. Is your mouth watering yet? This is definitely on our list!

When you stop by for one of these, you may also notice other menu additions to 7-Eleven’s breakfast options. Will you be having pizza for breakfast? 

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