Waterloo Sparkling Water is the delicious and refreshing way to make water part of your 2020

Photo: Waterloo Sparkling Water assortment.. Image by Kimberley Spinney
Photo: Waterloo Sparkling Water assortment.. Image by Kimberley Spinney /

Are you looking for a sparkling water to help you make healthy choices in 2020? Have you heard of Waterloo Sparkling Water?

There are a lot of sparkling water brands on the market now. And while they are definitely a great alternative to carbonated beverages like soda, it can be hard to find a delicious and refreshing water that really tastes amazing. Thanks to Waterloo Sparkling Water, we have 10 flavors that we can really enjoy throughout 2020.

With a nice variety of flavors and with no sodium, sugars, or even calories, this is a sparkling water you won’t want to miss out on. And personally, these cans are so pretty that I definitely don’t mind having them in my refrigerator.

Waterloo Sparkling Water is so delicious that we even loved the Original flavor (which we all know is basically no flavor, but still). Having talked to other people about this brand of sparkling water and learned their favorites, I was excited to give these a try. And with a variety pack that included Strawberry, Coconut, Grapefruit, and Lemon, I knew there had to be at least one flavor I would love.

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It turns out that every flavor is pretty amazing. Perhaps my favorite at this point is the Coconut, but the Strawberry and Watermelon are also winners for me. And considering how picky I am about sparkling water, I am definitely impressed with Waterloo Sparkling Water and their different flavors. And yes, the Original is also worthy of some love, even though I usually avoid this flavor.

Besides the flavor (which is absolutely the most important part of any beverage or food product), I am also obsessed with the design of these cans. They are so pretty and the pop of color they deliver is like seeing art in your fridge.

The fact that there is also a very interesting story behind the name of this sparkling water also helps. This Austin based company is actually named after the city’s original name (look at us learning a Texas history lesson). Seriously, check out their story page if you don’t believe us.

From the way these smell (so amazing) to the way they taste (refreshing and delicious), Waterloo Sparkling Water really does deliver a product that you will want to reach for all year-long. And if there was ever a time to enjoy a healthy drink alternative, it would have to be now as we all work hard to turn over a new leaf in 2020.

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Have you tried Waterloo Sparkling Water yet? If you have, what did you think? What do you think of sparkling water? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.