Drinkworks Home Bar brings the bar to you: What you need to know about 2020’s must-have appliance

Photo: Drinkworks The Drinkmaker by Keurig.. Courtesy Drinkworks
Photo: Drinkworks The Drinkmaker by Keurig.. Courtesy Drinkworks /
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Photo: Drinkworks The Drinkmaker by Keurig.. Image by Sandy Casanova /

UPDATE: Searching for a new Home Bar after the shut down of Drinkworks? Check out the Bartesian  Home Bar! 

Say cheers and enjoy your favorite beverage without leaving your home. The Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig is making delicious and refreshing dreams come true.

What an amazing night when the Drinkworks Home Bar arrived to my door. The company sent over everything I need to take this Drinkmaker on a lengthy test-run and I got right to it! Over the next several days, I invited a couple of friends over, shared some drinks, jotted down notes, and even ran a clean cycle to get the full experience as best as possible (what can I say? It is all in a day’s work) to bring you a thorough review and breakdown.

Whether you have been considering purchasing this machine for yourself or a friend, I review all the drinks I sampled, give you my honest thoughts, the pros and cons, and more, to help you make the best informed decision.

Is the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig for you? Let’s find out!

Style and design

We’ll begin with the look of it, which you don’t need to study it much to see that it is absolutely gorgeous. The black and silver tones make it very easy to fit into your kitchen no matter what style or decor you have. At the same time, it easily blends in if you don’t want the appliance to stand out too much. Initially, I wasn’t sure where to place it. But it’s a bit smaller than it appears. It fits neatly on the kitchen counter next to my full-size fridge, which is the same color so it even looks like a matching set.

Setting up your Drinkworks Home Bar

I’ll admit, it’s a little intimidating receiving this and opening up a kit with instructions, but don’t freak out! I quickly learned that it is a lot less complicated than it seems. There aren’t that many steps and they are all easy to get through. The instructions truly do break down all the steps carefully.

More from Drinks

If you are a visual learner, Drinkworks has created videos detailing the installation. They are truly here for you! I gotta say, I didn’t know about the video until after I set mine up, so if I can do it, you can, too! Here’s one very helpful video to watch.

Once it’s set, it takes about 30 minutes to get itself ready to be your personal bartender. The colder the water is, the faster it’ll be ready to make a cool beverage, so add plenty of ice! Grab a glass with ice (if your beverage requires it) and select your first drink!

What to love:  Very simple set up and timeless design. Drinkworks provides first-time buyers with everything they need.
What needs work: Nothing in these categories. Drinkworks checked all the boxes here!