Drinkworks Home Bar brings the bar to you: What you need to know about 2020’s must-have appliance

Photo: Drinkworks The Drinkmaker by Keurig.. Courtesy Drinkworks
Photo: Drinkworks The Drinkmaker by Keurig.. Courtesy Drinkworks /
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Photo: Drinkworks The Drinkmaker by Keurig.. Image by Sandy Casanova /

Speed and preparation 

Your drink is ready in under a minute! And all you have to do, besides adding garnish and/or ice, is push a button. Once you select the drink you want, place the pod in the Drinkmaker and wait 2-3 seconds for the machine to read it. What it’s doing, is learning the drink you have to know how to make/mix it (such as, will it need CO2?).

Then, the Drinkworks will let you know to press the button to start. Your drink will then begin to pour. Here’s one thing I didn’t enjoy: The splashing. If you were thinking of getting an Instagram-ready drink out of this, think again. The glass won’t be cute until you wipe it clean.

Things will be a bit messy, especially with a short glass. The drink will splash outside of it as it poured, you may either want to add something to raise the glass closer or simply hold it up yourself while it pours (though this defeats the convenience of pushing start and enjoying the beauty of it). It doesn’t seem to have a very steady and clean flow. However, this isn’t a problem for tall glasses.

Photo: Drinkworks The Drinkmaker by Keurig.. Image by Sandy Casanova /

Taste and quality

The drinks are delicious and are the perfect temperature! The amount of “booziness” and sweetness is printed on each pod (as well as in the package they arrive in). Each drink also offers tips on how to serve it. Because, as I have already mentioned, Drinkworks is truly here for you! They weren’t just going to ship out pods and have you figure it all out. They want you to get the full bar experience here.

The Peach Sangria (one of my favorites) for example, suggests you serve over ice in a wine glass with fruit, it shares that it is crisp and sweet. All drinks are accompanied by these details, so you can find just what you’re craving!

But like all bars, there are some that just weren’t my favorite. From the many drinks sent over, I can’t say I was a fan of the Margarita (way too sour) or the Cuban Daiquiri (way too strong). I’m an honest gal, though, so I have to say that I could have helped both cases had I added more ice to my Margarita ice (I didn’t) or stayed away from the Cuban Daiquiri as it does warn that it is the strongest in the bunch. It’s also possible, though, that the Margarita needed a little something extra, because the Strawberry Margarita is a delight!

Quick notes on my absolute seven favorite drinks in no particular order:

  • Whiskey Sour and Whiskey Cola
  • Peach Sangria
  • Rose Spritzer
  • Strawberry Margarita
  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • Mojito

What to love: Delicious drinks, quick preparation, amazing quality.
What needs work: The splashing mess.