Drinkworks Home Bar brings the bar to you: What you need to know about 2020’s must-have appliance

Photo: Drinkworks The Drinkmaker by Keurig.. Courtesy Drinkworks
Photo: Drinkworks The Drinkmaker by Keurig.. Courtesy Drinkworks /
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Photo: Drinkworks The Drinkmaker by Keurig.. Image by Sandy Casanova /

Price of drinks and convenience

For the most part (or what I’ve seen) drinks come in packs of 4 pods, and the average price is $16 for each pack of 4. This comes out to about $4 each drink, not bad! This is a lot better than the prices at bars, which are about $9 each (tipping your bartender is not included). Yes, I’m aware Happy Hour prices bring the $9 way down to more affordable prices. But you can either only go out during Happy Hour, or enjoy a drink at home! This brings me to my next point, convenience!

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If Happy Hour at your local bar or restaurant is nowhere near, simply head on over to your kitchen for a drink! The Drinkworks Home Bar is an essential appliance for those who come home for work ready to unwind with a cold beverage. Dare I say, it’s also perfect for Netflix and Chill nights at home?

Hosting a brunch or small gathering at your home? The Drinkworks Home Bar is a must-have! Wow and impress your guests with this Drinkmaker. With drinks ready in an average of 30 seconds, it’s the perfect tool to complete your party.

I suggest ordering the sampler pack HERE so that you can sample each drink to determine your favorites. This way, you’ll know which you love and how many to order.

Cleaning and maintenance 

When will you know when your Drinkworks Home Bar needs to be cleaned (or requires anything else)? Relax, your Drinkworks will let you know! As for the steps you need to do, it comes in your kit, but you can also simply watch the video on their YouTube Channel (we attach it above).

A few questions I was asked about this: Is the cleaning difficult? Does it need to be plugged in all the time? How much noise does it make?

  • No, running a clean cycle is not difficult. It does take about 30 minutes, but the steps are simple and easy to follow.
  • Yes! Have your Drinkworks Home Bar plugged in to ensure the water is fresh and cool at all times, or else you’ll have a longer wait time for a drink when you plug it back in. Think of it as a mini fridge that keeps your drinks cool.
  • It has a low hum, similar to one of a mini fridge. To compare, a regular size fridge is louder. Honestly, my fish tank’s filter is louder. The Drinkworks’ hum shouldn’t make a huge difference or will be anything you notice or find annoying.

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Does the Drinkworks Home Bar sound like it’s for you? Find out more about it HERE.