Sunwink Herbal Tonics are going to be a gamechanger for plant lovers in 2020

Photo: Sunwink’s Lemon-Rose Uplift flavor.. Image Courtesy Sunwink
Photo: Sunwink’s Lemon-Rose Uplift flavor.. Image Courtesy Sunwink /

Are you looking for a new, healthy beverage to get you through 2020? Do you enjoy plant-based drinks? Then you need to check out Sunwink Herbal Tonics.

There are a lot of beverages on the market that claim to make you feel good. They also claim to taste good and be made from the best ingredients. And while we can’t speak for any of those companies ourselves, we had the chance to try Sunwink Herbal Tonics, which is a series of sparkling tonics that are made from “the world’s cleanest herbs.”

If you’re curious to learn more about Sunwink, have no fear, I am here with all the details.

The company currently has four tonics to choose from – Lemon-Rose Uplift, Detox Ginger, Turmeric Cleanse, and Immunity Berry. And yes, each of these drinks is designed to get you through the day in a way that is healthy and impactful.

Considering Sunwink uses different herbs in each drink, they are all about educating their consumers about the benefits of things like “rose, damiana, and lemon balm,” three of the primary ingredients found in their Lemon-Rose Uplift.

I’ll be honest here, I am not usually someone who drinks tonics and herbal drinks. I enjoy my matcha drinks every once in a while, but overall, I don’t drink the healthiest beverages out there. But when I had the chance to try Sunwink I was excited to give something new a chance. And I was not disappointed.

There is no such thing as an instant fix and believe me that is not what Sunwink is offering with their herbal tonics, instead they are giving each of us a chance to make healthier choices every day. For me, I was especially impressed with their Lemon-Rose Uplift which definitely helped to perk me up after I enjoyed a bottle of this chilled. Considering the entire goal of this tonic is to “boost your mood” and ease the spirit, I think that was pretty successful.

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The other tonic I really enjoyed was the Immunity Berry which was designed to help your immune system whenever you feel the need to give yourself that boost. I can’t say that this tonic cured me of the common cold, but I definitely felt ready to take on the day after indulging in a bottle of this one. And the fact that I enjoyed the flavor was an unexpected bonus.

The other two tonics – Turmeric Cleanse and Detox Ginger – were also excellent, although I feel like these are not the kind of beverage that works after one use. Instead if you want to see maximum benefits from these two tonics, you will want to incorporate these into your drinking habits more consistently. (In fact, I am planning to keep both of these tonics around to try a bit more long-term to see if I see a difference in my overall health and well-being.)

There is often a lot of hype around herbal tonics, especially when they have names like Detox, Cleanse, and Boost, but in the case of Sunwink, they don’t need the hype because they are truly giving us a product that seems to have a lot going for it.

If you are interested in giving Sunwink Herbal Tonics a try, you can either hit up their website where you can order a case of their product, or check with your local Whole Foods.

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What do you think of herbal tonics? Are these the kinds of drinks you are willing to try? Have you seen Sunwink in stores? Tell us what you think in the comments.