In San Antonio, a coffee shop turns Baby Yoda into must-have medal

Chapter 5. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+
Chapter 5. The Child in THE MANDALORIAN, exclusively on Disney+ /

Deep in the heart of Texas, a San Antonio coffee shop is serving up not only great coffee, but a much-coveted item — a Baby Yoda Fiesta medal.

We can not deny that our love affair with Baby Yoda has reached near-legendary status. I mean, who doesn’t have a soft spot for the little guy? As such, anything being sold that has Baby Yoda slapped on its merchandise is selling like hotcakes, but deep in the heart of Texas in a local coffee chain sits the absolute hottest item of them all — a Baby Yoda Fiesta medal.

Not just any Baby Yoda medal, oh no; but a sombrero-wearing Baby Yoda medal!

The medals are being sold at Merit Coffee, a small San Antonio-based coffee chain that wanted to bring a hip, cool coffee shop to the Alamo City. So after renovating an old warehouse on the Southside of San Antonio and turning it into the Merit Roasting Co., owners Robby and Neesha Grubbs achieved their dream of bringing “cool coffee” to San Antonio.

Now with 11 locations in San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas, it’s safe to say that Merit Coffee has become one of the “it” coffee houses in the Lone Star State, which indisputably makes this cool little chain the place to go to grab a Sombraro-wearing Baby Yoda Medal.

The medal was their creation, which should jaunt Merit Coffee into legendary status.

The medal is the coffee shop’s contribution to Fiesta, the city’s biggest celebration, and the medals will be sold for $10, with, according to Narcity, all proceeds going to Snack Pak 4 Kids SA, a local charity that gives a voice to hungry kids.

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If you’re like me and live too far from San Antonio, no need to worry as Merit Coffee will sell the Sombrero Baby Yodal medal online for the same price.

You simply have to love San Antonio.