This treat from Simply Chocolate is the only heartbreak we need on Valentine’s Day

Simply Chocolate is never short on unique flavors and creations, but this Valentine’s Day treat truly breaks through all others…pun intended! The Chocolate Pretzel Heart with XOXOXO Mallet will delight your sweetheart.

From their pumpkin-flavored truffles to their chocolate giveaway last year, Simply Chocolate is always dishing out something fun and delicious. Their latest offering is The Chocolate Pretzel Heart with XOXOXO Mallet, and it has truly stolen our hearts away! If you want to wow your Valentine this Valentine’s Day (and share a sweet treat), this one is worth every penny!

Simply Chocolate sent one of these our way and it was too much fun breaking into it (and watching my 6-year-old drool in disbelief at the giant treat before him). As far as sweetness goes, this is the Mother of all Sweets! Seriously, folks, Simply Chocolate thought of everything! Let’s break down (sorry, last pun) everything to know about this Pretzel Heart.

The Pretzel Heart combines layers and layers of sweets all hugged and glued together by sweet white chocolate. What’s inside? Well, have a look!

Simply Chocolate

Photo: Pretzel Heart from Simply Chocolate.. Image by Sandy Casanova

Just about every treat you could possibly be craving. To name a few, it has M&M’s, crunchy pretzel pieces, chocolate cookie chunks, tiny chocolate chips, sprinkles, and bits of waffle ice cream cones. I gotta say, when I discovered the waffle cone pieces, I thought, “wow, they really thought of everything.”

Simply Chocolate

Photo: Pretzel Heart from Simply Chocolate.. Image by Sandy Casanova

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that sometimes I enjoy munching on an empty waffle cone. That’s right, no ice cream, just cone! So for Simple Chocolate to know one of my cravings and add it on to this was very cool.

This is how you know the people behind the brand are true foodies at heart, and not like others who give us what they think we’ll like.

And that’s not all! The Pretzel Heart comes with two small canisters packed with additional treats. One has gummies and the has other candy coated chocolates.

To break it all down and get right to it, The Pretzel Heart includes a mallet for you to smash your way to all those treats.

Be sure you share! This one is definitely enough for two. A gift that provides dessert and entertainment, what more do you need?

It is priced at $69.99. Find more details about it and to place an order, check HERE. This gift is sure to be a standout from the regular roses and chocolates.