Justin’s Coconut Almond Butter is the perfect snack alternative in 2020

Image Courtesy Justin's Coconut Almond Butter
Image Courtesy Justin's Coconut Almond Butter /

Are you looking for a healthy snack alternative in 2020? Do you love coconut and almond butter? Then Justin’s Coconut Almond Butter is a must.

For many people peanut butter is a grocery staple. It is many people’s cabinets, and it is as much a snack, as it is part of a meal. But for some of us, the real treat is Almond Butter, and if you are looking for something new to try as a snack alternative in 2020, then you need to snag yourself a jar of Justin’s Coconut Almond Butter.

If you love almonds and coconut, then this might just be the ultimate snack fix. From Almond Butter and Jelly sandwiches (if you really want an amazing treat opt for raspberry jam with almond butter), to simple crackers, there are a lot of ways to enjoy this satisfying snack alternative. And what makes this Coconut Almond Butter our clear favorite is the addition of the coconut to the mix.

We are talking about a treat that is not only healthy and packed with protein, but also something that really will leave you wanting more.

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Sometimes we come across products that are healthy and designed to make us feel good, but when we go to eat it (or drink it), we are disappointed in the way it tastes. But in this case, I was definitely not disappointed. In fact, a picky eater I know even loved this, so that was a clear win-win.

Justin’s Coconut Almond Butter might just be our new favorite healthy snack alternative in 2020 just because of how tasty it really is. And the fact that it is definitely versatile certainly helps as well.

While I stuck to trying this on crackers and a sandwich with strawberry jelly, I am excited to try baking with this as well. This product may not completely replace peanut butter in our cabinets, but it definitely gives it a run for its money in terms of satisfaction and deliciousness.

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Have you tried any Justin’s products before? Was there one you enjoyed the most? Will you be trying the Coconut Almond Butter for yourself? Tell us what you think in the comments.