Get your new decade hustle going with MatchaBar Hustle Energy

Photo: MatchaBar, Hustle.. Image by Sandy Casanova
Photo: MatchaBar, Hustle.. Image by Sandy Casanova /

MatchaBar’s line of plant-based matcha energy drinks is expanding! Join Billie Eilish and Diplo in their mission to take on the 2020’s with positive vibes (and plenty of Hustle).

A boost of energy is great, we all need it! But a boost of natural energy is always best! Two new flavors have recently been announced for Hustle Energy: Sparkling Peach and Sparkling Mint. The company sent me four or the Hustle Energy drinks (and a rad sweatshirt) to try out for myself and spread the word! Below are my honest thoughts about the product, from presentation of the drinks of the flavors!

The Hustle Energy drinks are available at retailers nationwide in unique and refreshing flavors– and brand new look.

All flavors pack 120mg of caffeine, which guarantees alertness and energy — but without the crash and jitters. I put this to the test, twice, and I’m happy to report this is true. Hustle Matcha Energy are the real deal. I’ve sampled various energy drinks and jitters are the No. 1 reason I’ve never been a big fan. But these can be a real game changer if you feel the same.

Photo: MatchaBar, Hustle.. Image by Sandy Casanova
Photo: MatchaBar, Hustle.. Image by Sandy Casanova /

These are powered by plants, which also makes them keto, paleo and vegan friendly. The flavors I received, are: 

  • Sparkling Lemon and Lime: Zero sugar, ceremonial grade matcha, lemon, lime, and monkfruit.
  • Sparkling Mint: Zero sugar, includes ceremonial grade matcha, mint, elderflower, and monkfruit.
  • Sparkling Peach: No added sugar, ceremonial grade matcha, peach juice, yuzu, and lemon and lime.

You are not only doing your body good by switching to these instead of a sugary or high calorie beverage, but for each Hustle can sold, consumers are helping offset the carbon equivalent of 35 plastic water bottles. How does Hustle do this? They have partnered with CHOOSE and taking on renewable energy projects.

If you’re thinking, okay that all sounds great and all…but how do these taste? Well, I’m glad you asked! 

I poured a cold can in a glass to see it. It’s green, of course, and there are small bubbles, like carbonated drink. The scent is 100% the flavor stamped on the drink, which I found nice. The taste is mostly matcha with a hint of the flavor the drink is supposed to be. And it does have an after taste that’s all matcha, which makes sense.

In short, this is the ride your taste buds will journey through: Matcha, Flavor, Matcha! All in all, I found this very refreshing and the taste is great. You’ll especially love these if you are already a fan of matcha beverages.

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Find Hustle MatchaBar Energy at your local massive retailer.