The Impossible Whopper vs the Beyond Sausage: Which is better?

I got around to trying both Dunkin’s Beyond Sausage and Burger King’s Impossible Whopper. Which one is the best? My astute thoughts.

There comes a time when a fast food critic has to make its stand, especially when it comes to the Impossible Whopper and Beyond Sausage! These two are the most popular “plant-based” products on the market today.

I’ve long tried Dunkin’s Beyond Sausage, but I wanted to wait until I ate the Impossible Whopper to make an astute judgment on which one was the best bang for your buck. On a recent night, I got my opportunity, took it, and can now make the judgment!

The Impossible Whopper is better than the Beyond Sausage for one clear reason: It is cooked on the same grill as a regular Whopper.

That matters as the taste of a regular Whopper can be “seasoned” into an Impossible Whopper. Dunkin’s Beyond Sausage doesn’t have this advantage, and instead, you can taste more of the “plant sausage” than you can of the “plant Whopper,” which, in my opinion, goes against the sheer spirit of the Beyond and Impossible movement.

The one goal with these plant-based products is to trick the customer that they’re eating the exact same version of their stand-bys, only healthier. While both promote the more healthy alternative, neither is worthy of the title of “healthiest fast food item.”

Again, the Impossible Whopper is bathed in regular Whopper juices, and the egg, cheese, and bread instantly push the calorie count of the Beyond Sausage to match Dunkin’s other menu items.

But judging by pure taste standards, the Impossible Whopper may very well be a better bang for your buck. It closely mimics a Whopper and if you don’t have to taste the patty by itself, you’ll be left with the impression that you’re downing your regular Whopper.

Give a win to The King.