Planters taking full advantage of ‘baby craze’ with Baby Nut

With the rebirth of Mr. Peanut into “Baby Nut,” it is clear that Planters is taking a bite out of the “baby craze.”

Let me start by saying I don’t fault Planters for jumping on the “baby bandwagon.” Heck, look at all the attention Baby Yoda is getting these days! He has darn-near become a world icon and beacon of hope for a world that is slipping ever so closely to darkness. The sheer cuteness of Baby Yoda is what has stolen our hearts, and it was only a matter of time until Corporate America found a way to get a piece of that baby craze.

Enter Baby Nut.

As you may recall, Mr. Peanut, the mascot of the Planters peanut chain since World War I, sacrificed his life to save Wesley Snipes and some other guy. In the Super Bowl ad that followed, it was revealed that, during a funeral celebrating the life of the fallen Mr. Peanut, the Kool-Aid Man’s tear allowed Mr. Peanut to be “reborn” into the cute Baby Nut. Planters weren’t fooling anybody with this.

With Baby Nut now the new mascot of the Planters chain, it ‘s become even more clear that the peanut maker is ripping off the Baby Yoda craze. Is Baby Nut cute? Of course, he is! Who can resist his big eyes and little top hat?

However, fans are not being conned by Baby Nut, and the sheer visceral hate for Planters new mascot is massive. A sample (warning: some tweets NSFW):

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That last tweet is the Creme de la Creme of what I’m getting at. Planters saw the baby craze and desperately wanted a piece of that pie, even going as far as murdering the mascot that has served them well for the past decades.

So I have a question I’d like to close for Planters — Was it worth it?