Pizza Hut UK creates KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza, and I’m jealous

Pizza Hut’s UK division has created a new pie, the KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza, and it should make all Americans jealous as me.

It is a rarity that jealousy strikes me when it pertains to Pizza Hut, but this is one of those times. The UK division of one of America’s more popular pizza chains has teamed up with KFC to create what could be the best pizza created since Jesus invented wine.

It is called the KFC Popcorn Chicken Pizza, this perfection of a novelty pie has a classic crust that is topped with mozzarella cheese, KFC’s brown gravy, and the kicker, the chicken chain’s popular Popcorn Chicken and sweetcorn. Now, do you see why I’m so freakin’ jealous?

The KFC Popcorn Chicken pizza sounds like a pie that would be perfect for its American restaurants, but the UK gets it instead? What kind of mess is this?

This is the latest in a string of losses we Americans are taking on the fast-food front. KFC in South Korea gets the Fall in Cream Cheese Zinger Burger. What do we get? Chicken and Donuts. Re-read that sentence again and tell me which would be more interesting to try?

The same goes for this one: While the UK version of Pizza Hut gets a pizza that’s a once-in-a-lifetime try, the chain’s home country gets a $10 Meat Lover’s Large Pizza deal. I mean, I’m not hating on that deal as it’s pretty solid; but I would pass that deal up any day for a shot at trying a Popcorn Chicken Pizza, and I don’t think I would be alone in that sentiment.

Maybe, just maybe, it’s time that our esteemed fast-food empires take a chance on our taste buds and create something interesting for us. We like weird foods, too.