How to get free guacamole at Chipotle

Want free guacamole from Chipotle? Well, consider it done! Here’s how.

We have all become used to paying extra for some guacamole on our Chipotle bowl or burrito. Or hey, maybe we even want a side of guacamole even though we already have extra guac on our meal. Don’t judge! We all love to be a little bit extra when it comes to guac. But really, I’m sure no one enjoys paying for it.

Giving up those extra dollars is a sacrifice we all happily make, but we, of course, would rather not! Well, now you may not have to! Chipotle has announced free guac for all! Okay, not really for everyone, there’s definitely a catch, but read on to see if you qualify.

There’s something about Chipotle’s guac that makes it taste better than any other guacamole we have had. Could it be Chipotle’s crispy, lemony chips? Maybe! All we know is that we love it!

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This free guac offer has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. This deal is to honor Chipotle’s one-year anniversary of their loyalty program. The casual restaurant is launching “Guac Mode,” Delish reports, and sign us up! Here’s the deal: 

Guac Mode will give eligible Chipotle Rewards members access to one free topping or side of guacamole with the purchase of a regular-priced entree. So whether you want a side of guac or just to have it added to your bowl, you can do so, free!

If you are not already a Chipotle Rewards member, sign up HERE or text “Guac Mode” to 888-222. Feb. 20 is the last day to sign up in order to get this deal. Members will also unlock other sweet deals and offers such as earning 10 points for every $1 they spend.

Will you be taking advantage of this offer and joining the Rewards program or are you already a member? Enjoy your free guac!