After-Valentine’s Day chocolate and candy sales: Where are the best deals?

Photo: Bazooka Candy Brands, Ring Pops.. Image by Sandy Casanova
Photo: Bazooka Candy Brands, Ring Pops.. Image by Sandy Casanova /

It’s that time of the year again, folks! Valentine’s Day chocolates, candy, and all sorts of treats are now on sale! Where are the best deals?

Going shopping the day after a major holiday is always so fun! Be it Christmas or Halloween, stores always discount their holiday items the following day. One of my favorites sales is the After-Valentine’s Day sales! With Christmas and Halloween, the items available are strictly holiday-themed items.

I’m talking Christmas decor and bats, or witches for Halloween. Sure, you can save them for the following year, but with Valentine’s Day items, you can use them at any time as long as there is love in the air!

Not only can you hit stores today to buy discounted candy, but most pink, red, and love items are on sale, too. I”m talking candy jars, gifts you can get for your significant other for an upcoming anniversary, birthday, or special day! Anything having to do with love is on sale! Well, in most places.

Keep in mind that the sale gets better after a few days, but you never want to wait too long. I suggest shopping for what you TRULY love and need on Feb. 15, and come back Feb. 16 or Feb. 17 to check out what’s left at a bigger discount.

Here are my favorite stores to go to on Feb. 15:

  • Target: The most adorable and unique Valentine’s Day gifts and treats are here, hands-down!
  • Hobby Lobby: Pricier than the two stores above, but they have the most fun decorations!
  • Big Lots: Hit this store first as they will likely have the smallest selection of candy, treats, and gifts. If you are short on time, though, just skip it and go to Target or Hobby Lobby.
  • Walmart: This isn’t a favorite location of mine, but they have the biggest variety in chocolates and candy.

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Where will you be going for some great sales and deals on Valentine’s Day treats? Let us know your favorite spots!