Love is Blind: Is it okay to give dogs wine?

LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Netflix
LOVE IS BLIND on Netflix.. Photo courtesy Netflix /

Everyone is talking about Love is Blind on Netflix and we have one major concern: Jessica’s dog. Is it okay to give dogs wine?

Who would have imagined that one of the biggest controversies to come out of Love is Blind, a reality dating TV series on Netflix, would be about dogs and wine? Here at Guilty Eats, we’ll never turn down a glass (or three) of wine! But should we give dogs wine?

In an episode, Jessica Batten, one of the wildest contestants, gives her dog a sip of wine and it has stirred up a debate on social media. Jessica and her fiance Mark Cuevas are having a discussion about their age difference, but we are paying absolutely no attention (it gets so tiring between these two) and are instead focused on Jessica’s adorable pup. But then, Jessica shockingly lowers her large (so very large) glass of wine to offer her dog, Payton, a sip.

The dog put his entire tongue in the glass and Jessica takes a large sip from the same glass without a second thought. This tweet below pretty much sums up our reaction:

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First, gross. That dog’s tongue could have been literally anywhere! Let’s focus on the dog, first, though, because I think it’s safe to say that, if it’s best you don’t share a drink with a human, it’s likely just as bad and risky (if not more) to share with a dog.

According to The Dog People, it’s best not to give our four-legged pals ANY wine. The source shares that dog’s livers aren’t “equipped to process alcohol.” Not to mention, their organs are much smaller than ours. It only takes a few sips for your dog to need to see a vet. Yikes!

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Let’s stick to giving our dogs proper meals and plenty of water! Foodies, you feel free to drink (responsibly, of course)! Love is Blind is streaming on Netflix.