Subway is testing cauliflower menu items in select locations soon

Subway adds new Cauliflower Curry Signature Wrap, photo provided by Subway
Subway adds new Cauliflower Curry Signature Wrap, photo provided by Subway /

There’s no better place to test your taste buds than Subway, which will soon offer a cauliflower wrap and cauliflower dippers for a limited time.

When you were a kid, the thought of having to eat cauliflower for dinner was probably just about as exciting as being told you had to finish your broccoli before you could have dessert. But at some point between then and now, veggies became trendy.

No longer the bland side you dreaded at meal times, ingredients like kale and cauliflower are now becoming part of more fast food menus around the country. Subway is the latest nationwide chain to hop on the “veggies are delicious” trend, creating a new way for you to enjoy your nutrients when you make a quick stop for something to eat.

Cauliflower Fritter Signature Wraps and Cauliflower Dippers are a great way to trick yourself into adding more veggies to your daily total — and loving every single bite.

Subway’s Cauliflower Fritter Signature Wraps feature Cauliflower Fritters and a healthy mixture of veggies in each. The Curry Wrap features lettuce, fresh-cut red onions and green peppers, banana peppers and a curry sauce all on a spinach wrap. The Ranch Wrap features spinach, fresh-cut tomatoes and red onions, plus jalapenos and a creamy ranch sauce all on a tomato basil wrap.

The Cauliflower Fritters on each wrap, made from fresh white cauliflower, offer a satisfying crunch along with the explosive flavor of onion and garlic seasoning.

In addition to these new Signature Wraps, Subway is also testing Cauliflower Dippers, which are offered as a side and can be paired with the chain’s new curry sauce or any dipping sauce you choose. The curry sauce is made with red pepper, basil, coconut milk, curry powder, red chili, garlic, and ginger.

These items are available now at Seattle locations, and will be available in Baltimore stores starting February 27.

Both the wraps and dippers will only be available for a limited time, so if you’re in the area, make sure you grab one or both before they’re gone.

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Would you give cauliflower a try if your favorite restaurant told you to? Will you be trying Cauliflower Fritters anytime soon?