Gentefied on Netflix is a series for taco lovers and foodies

Gentefied on Netflix, photo credit Kevin Estrada/NETFLIX
Gentefied on Netflix, photo credit Kevin Estrada/NETFLIX /

Gentefied is streaming on Netflix and it’s clear from just the first scenes that this is a series meant for taco lovers and foodies!

Missed Gentefied on Netflix this weekend? Watch it immediately, especially if you are a foodie with a soft spot for tacos and other Mexican treats! The comedy-drama follows a Mexican-American family living in Los Angeles and pursuing the American Dream to keep their taco shop in business.

Honestly, this show had me at “tacos”! Gentefied is definitely a series you go in for the tacos, but end of staying for its powerful and fun story. It’s easy to fall in love with the hardworking family who refuses to give up on their small business. Even more so, Gentefied is a relatable series for people of color who grew up in bilingual households.

Three cousins are struggling keeping their grandfather’s shop going when there is little money to do so. Not helping at all, is the fact that gentrification is sweeping the neighborhood, forcing the Chicano population out-of-town.

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As serious as the situations get, Gentefied keeps audiences laughing with light humor to get us through the tough times. Not to mention, there is plenty of delicious food to spot throughout the season! In the first episode alone, we get to see some tasty tacos and witness a genius idea: Eating Hot Cheetos with chopsticks!

Tired of getting your fingers dirty with Hot Cheetos spice, especially when you have places to go? Use chopsticks! Thanks, Gentefied. We can’t wait to learn more hacks and see how the family comes together to save their shop! Because, they have to, right?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m craving tacos for lunch!

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Gentefied is now streaming on Netflix. Stream the first season today.