Lay’s teamed up with The Voice to deliver some limited-time flavors and more

Lay’s is premiering some new flavors and they are doing it with the help of The Voice. So not only are there some new chips to try, but some prizes to win too!

A new season of The Voice is set to premiere on Feb. 24 and just in time, there are some new flavors of Lays chips to enjoy as well. At retailers nationwide, fans of Lay’s will be able to snag bags of Lay’s Hot Sauce, Lay’s Wavy Fried Green Tomato, and Lay’s Crispy Taco.

This means that not only can we try some amazing new flavors for a limited time, but this partnership doesn’t stop there. In fact, there is a prize or two up for grabs that makes this launch something special.

What’s better than a four chair turn on The Voice? How about getting the chance to see the competition live in LA? One of the prizes that Lay’s and The Voice are offering up is a chance to be in the audience during a taping of the show. Check out the website to enter for a chance to watch John Legend, Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, and newest judge Nick Jonas as they look for the next great performer in music.


Under embargo until 2/24/20 at 8 am EST
Lay’s limited-time-only flavors as part of the brand’s partnership with NBC’s “The Voice” photo provided by Lay’s

Of course, that’s not all! Lay’s doesn’t play when it comes to introducing new chip flavors. And this time, they haven’t just teamed up with The Voice. They have also teamed up with John Legend to have the singer deliver exciting content all season long in honor of these new flavors.

Now, you may be wondering why these flavors sound familiar (or maybe you aren’t because you never heard of them before, that’s okay too). Well they have been sold in the past. And now they are back once again to give fans a chance to enjoy the amazing flavors all over again.

With the help of The Voice, Lay’s is making sure their fans can enjoy some of the best salty treats out there in style. And honestly, with these three flavors, we know we are going to be snagging as many bags as possible if they are only going to be around for a short period of time.

Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on a bag of Lay’s Crispy Taco chips. After all, this is going to make Taco Tuesday even better than ever. And I can’t wait to give the Lay’s Wavy Fried Green Tomato a try, as this just sounds fascinating as a potato chip flavor.

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Which flavor are you excited to pick up? Will you be watching The Voice this season? Tell us your favorite Lay’s flavor in the comments.

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