SNL’s Overnight Salad: What’s the recipe for this monstrosity?

A Saturday Night Live sketch features Daniel Craig as a celebrity chef and we are here for it! But we found the Overnight Salad sketch even more hilarious. What’s the recipe?

The first sketch sees Aidy Bryant hosting the talk show The Deirdre Show. She brings on singer Cookie La Flute (Ego Nwodim) as a guest. The two then join London celebrity chef Clyde (Daniel Craig), who is ready to create some tasty finger foods in honor Finger Week. This is where the laughs begin.

Clyde is there to promote his book The Hungry Divorcee, which actually sounds like a rather interesting book that may have some delicious meals! The chef reveals some tasty-looking quiche that is already prepared and Cookie quickly helps herself to one, saying, “I’m going to eat this in one bite!”

Clyde warns her not to eat the aluminum foil, which Cookie is offended by. “Don’t eat the foil? Who is this man?!” Clyde apologizes, he meant no harm, but Cookie is not getting over it! Watch the clip below:

Now for the winning foodie sketch of the night: Overnight Salad! Craig takes on the role of an angry (and borderline abusive) husband. In this sketch (check it out below), we see Aidy Bryant as housewife Nadine putting together her famous Overnight Salad.

The ingredients are ridiculous! And to top it all off, Nadine let’s the Overnight Salad sit on the radiator all night. Her family wakes up eager to eat, not knowing what’s ahead! But it doesn’t go as well as Nadine planned.

Want the insane recipe? We thought so! According to the catchy tune, you’ll need:

  • A little bit of lettuce
  • Cheese
  • A skosh of lemon
  • A gallon of mayo (later on add another gallon)
  • Raisins (so many raisins)
  • Pepper
  • 54 hot dogs
  • A bag of Fritos
  • Root beer
  • Cookies cut up like croutons
  • Cheese pizza
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Did we miss any ingredients? The quarter, perhaps? What is the riskiest recipe you have ever tried? Our bit of advice? If you dare to try this salad, at least don’t let is sit overnight! You’ll have a stomach ache for days or food poisoning, or worse, end up like Nadine!

Saturday Night Live premieres new episodes Saturday nights only on NBC.