Oreo and Trolls World Tour collab: Everything you need to know

In their most colorful collab yet, Oreo has released two special limited-edition Trolls World Tour cookies and it’s all we want to snack on. Let’s break down the flavors.

Oreo’s latest cookie is finally hitting shelves! Fans of Oreo cookies and Trolls have been waiting for these cookies to arrive ever since they were teased in February. I was lucky enough to try these before their launch date (thanks to Oreo shipping over both new packages) and it’s all my family wants to snack on! These cookies are incredibly satisfying in more ways than one and well worth the wait! Let’s just say Poppy would be very proud.

Below, we break down what this collaboration means, what to expect, where to find these cookies, and, most importantly, the flavors!  

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In press release, Oreo reveals that it has partnered with Trolls World Tour to release the song “Just Sing (Trolls World Tour)” from the soundtrack of the upcoming movie. For 60 hours, beginning March 9, fans can only listen to the full-lenght, original track by going HERE. Be one of the first to check out what will surely be one of the best songs this summer.

The entire cast of the film is featured on the track, including main stars Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. You’ll also hear Kelly Clarkson, James Corden, George Clinton, Mary J. Blige, Kenan Thompson, Sam Rockwell, and many others!

Photo: Oreo and Trolls World Tour collaboration.. Image by Sandy Casanova

Now let’s shift our focus to the cookies! So there are two new packages: A pink one and a green one. They are available now at your local massive retailer and are hard to miss on shelves due to their bright and happy colors. I gravitated towards the pink one at first, because, well it’s pink! Can you blame me?

Photo: Oreo and Trolls World Tour collaboration.. Image by Sandy Casanova

The pink package contains vanilla shells that hug pink creme! I love these, but it’s actually not my favorite from the two! The green package won my taste buds over! These feature Oreo’s iconic chocolate cookie shell, and in the middle you’ll find green creme, BUT this creme packs a little something extra!

In the green creme, you’ll notice popping candy! Give a bite and it won’t be long before your mouth begins to pop with flavor. It’s nostalgic and so much fun, the kids will go crazy over it.

The nitty-gritty: 

  • What: Oreo and Trolls World Tour collaboration.
  • Flavors: The pink package has vanilla cookie shells with sweet pink creme, while the green package has green creme with popping candy between two chocolate cookie shells.
  • Where to buy: These are launching now and should be available (for a limited time) anywhere cookies and snacks are sold.
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Which one from the two will you be getting? My suggestion? Why pick just one? Buy both packages and enjoy! 

The movie Trolls World Tour is in theaters April 10.