Coolhaus ice cream: New Queens’ Coffee flavor is here to serve all Queens

Coolhaus ice cream has a new flavor that is fit for royalty! The Queens’ Coffee treat is here to serve all Queens.

I would argue that, instead of diamonds, coffee and ice cream are a girl’s true BFFS! They are there for when we need them (oh so many times) and, unlike diamonds, we can afford to have a large variety of coffee and ice cream, and as many or little as we’d like! Well, Coolhaus is giving us the best of both world with Coolhaus Queens’ Coffee.

In honor and celebration of National Women’s History Month, Coolhaus (a women founded, women led frozen dessert and ice cream brand) partnered with Allegro Coffee’s Three Queens Blend to launch Queens’ Coffee earlier this month. I received three pints and quickly got into the scoop.

One can smell the flavor just from opening the pint. This is a quality product as you can taste the bold flavor. I’ve had other coffee-flavored ice cream before, but I have to say I enjoy how this one isn’t overpowering. It is ice cream with a bold hint of coffee, but nothing to distract your taste buds from the creamy texture.

Though the coffee hints stand out, they work together with the ice cream for the perfect combination, instead of taking over. I have to say, as a long-time foodie, a well-balanced flavor like this isn’t easily achieved.

I got creative with this and blended this into a morning shake — sooo good! This is also great as a snack to accompany your next Netflix binge. At Guilty Eats, Coolhaus Queens’ Coffee is a winner.

Photo: Coolhaus ice cream.. Image by Sandy Casanova

Order from Coolhaus HERE or find a retailer near you that carries the product (I’ve spotted the brand at Tom Thumb and Whole Foods).