We need Drunk UNO in our lives, ASAP

If the UNO card game wasn’t epic enough, now we have Drunk UNO, a version that we all need in our lives, ASAP.

What else is there to be said about Drunk UNO that hasn’t already been said? Legendary? Check! A fun time for any group of friends? Double check! Guaranteed to get the one friend that’s terrible at UNO drunk? Triple check!

That is what’s so bad-you-know-what about Drunk UNO, a boozy twist on the best card game ever created. Granted, many veteran UNO players have long played a boozy version of the classic game, but now, the makers of UNO have created an official version of Dunk UNO, complete with its own freakin’ set of shot glasses (cue fangirl moment).

Here’s how the game is played: If you get hit with a “Draw 2” card, you have to take a shot. If you get hit with a “Draw 4,” you must take two shots. The person who gets hit with a “Reverse” card will have to take two shots, as well. If you get skipped, that’s one shot and if you call out a “False UNO,” that’s three shots. Oh, it gets even better!

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The winner of the game will get to choose one person to down three shots. So, if you’re the one who has been taking the onslaught of Jack Daniels (or your brand of poison) and you get picked to down three more shots? Well, what more can you say than may God have mercy on your soul?

Now that you know an official Drunk UNO exists, how can you get one? Well, you can go to Etsy and shop for different variations of the game, but, according to Delish, the best site is Bowstastic Design Shop, which has nearly 150 near-perfect reviews of their take of Drunk UNO.

Let the games begin! Would you play Drunk UNO? Have you already? Share your experience with us!