10 food brands to follow on social media in 2020

Gushers photo. Credit: Sandy Casanova
Gushers photo. Credit: Sandy Casanova /

Food brands are more than just their products these days. They also need a unique and fun social media presence. Here are the top ten who do it the best!

Everyone has a favorite brand when it comes to certain products. Ask someone what their favorite soda is and you’re most likely going to get a passionate answer. But brands aren’t just their products in 2020, they’re also how they interact with people on social media. You’re more likely to follow a brand if they have a fun tweets or a beautiful Instagram.

The question is: What food brands do it best? Here are the top ten in no particular order.

1. Denny’s

While this technically isn’t a food brand, a list of food-related social media accounts would be remiss if Denny’s wasn’t on it. They may not serve the best meal in the world, but their Twitter is hard to beat.  They do the occasional promo tweet for something new coming to the restaurant, but most of the time they tweet jokes, memes, and puns. They’re a must-follow!

2. MoonPie

MoonPie is also up there as one of the best brand social media accounts. They respond to whatever’s trending, are quite funny, and have no problem calling people out for dissing their products. Whoever is running their account should get a raise! If you aren’t following this account on Twitter, you must change that. Even if you don’t like MoonPies, seeing their tweets on your feed will brighten your day.

3. SunnyD

Alright, 90s kids! This one is for you. While you’re bathing yourself in nostalgia, check out the SunnyD Twitter account. They banter and/or are mildly passive aggressive with other brands, reply to fans, and generally, just tweet out random things like “Owls have really long legs look it up.” If nothing else, their tweets will make you wonder what the social media strategy is at SunnyD. Whatever it is, it’s working. The have almost 54,000 followers

4. Gushers

You may think of Gushers as a food from your past, but there’s no reason you can’t eat them today. They’re right there in the grocery store waiting for you. But their fruity goodness is not only in the snack aisle. Their also on Twitter and their account is amazing. Most of their tweets promote the Gushers brand, but in a fun way. They use memes, jokes, and the latest trending topics to make their tweets stand out.

5. Oreo

Who doesn’t like an Oreo? They are the best cookie to ever be created and their Twitter account stands up to their reputation.

Like some of the other best brand accounts, they interact with competing brands (including French’s mustard!), are masters at the memes, and overall, just get how to make their account memorable. With over 873,000 followers, they’re clearly doing something right.

6. Pop Tarts

Whether you like to eat your Pop Tarts warm or cold (gross), if you’re not following their Twitter account, you need to remedy that immediately. While they are a little coarser than some of the other accounts, they are still fun. They have no problem being  sarcastic, bantering with other brand accounts, or calling people out. But, don’t worry, it’s nothing too mean . It is Pop Tarts, after all.

7. Dunkaroos

If you haven’t heard, Dunkaroos are coming back in Summer 2020 and they already have a great Twitter account! On their feed, they have fun with the fact that they’re a 90s food. Think Captain America trying to figure out the modern world; that’s the Dunkaroos Twitter account. The brand account is only three months old, so it will be interesting to see how it evolves once the new cookies and frosting packs come out. I will be first in line; I loved these as a kid.

8. Wendy’s

You might think of Wendy’s as a wholesome fast food restaurant because of the sweet red-haired girl as their logo. That’s not necessarily the case on the brand’s Twitter account. They have no problem making fun of their competitors with jokes and memes (they love to bash McDonalds), replying to fans and haters alike, and of course, promoting their latest additions to their menu.

9. Kraft Mac and Cheese

Whether you eat it because there’s nothing left in the house or because it’s your favorite food from childhood, almost everyone in the US has had Kraft Mac and Cheese at one time or another. I know I used to eat Easy Mac for lunch during summer vacation. It’s cheese (or something like cheese) and noodles. What’s not to love? Their Twitter account is just as wholesome and good. They respond to fans, love a meme or two, and know their customers all too well.

(Who hasn’t stared into the microwave waiting for their Easy Mac?!)

10. Skittles

While you’re getting a taste of the rainbow, make sure to check out the Skittles Twitter account as well. Like quite a few of the other brands on this list, they tweet at their competitors (they’re currently beefing with Starburst and M&Ms and are BFFs with Twix), are all about the memes, and keep an out for anyone showing appreciation for their chewy colorful candies.

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What is your favorite food brands to follow on social media? Is it on the list? Let us know in the comments below!