Friday favorite: Ranking the best Trolls World Tour – Lay’s Poppables flavors

Lay’s revealed their Poppables and Trolls World Tour collab earlier this month and it’s the most colorful and tasty treat on shelves! How do the flavors rank?

These Trolls World Tour Lay’s Poppables are hard to miss in stores, they are as colorful as Poppy and her pals and are large, matching the Troll’s big personalities. If you haven’t tried these, you and your taste buds are missing out! Lay’s sent us these delights earlier this month and we’ve been snacking on them since!

When you snack on these Lay’s Poppables, you’re getting more than flavor, you’ll also be entered to win your own musical tour! Read up on all the details on the contest, HERE, or continue reading below as we rank and breakdown these five flavors:

1. Delta Dawn: White Cheddar: I may be biased here, but cheesy treats are my favorite! I’m a sucker for cheddar and these are delicious.

Lay’s Poppables get a Troll’s World Tour makeover.. Photo provided by Lay’s

2. Poppy: Sea Salt: Sea Salt is the perfect flavor for when you need a satisfying snack. It’s salty, but not overbearingly so, and the package is big enough to share.

3. Branch: Sea Salt & Vinegar: This is the perfect snack to match with Branch! The vinegar adds that extra sour taste to an already salty treat. These were made for those who don’t enjoy sweets.

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4. Tiny Diamond: Creamy Jalapeno: Craving something spicy that will also not be sending you running for water? Try the Creamy Jalapeno Poppables.

5. Barb: Honey BBQ: BBQ snacks are a classic, but it has never been one of my favorite flavors. I just prefer Cheddar or Sea Salt over BBQ. But hey, that’s just me!

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Which flavor sounds the most appetizing to you? Trolls World Tour Lay’s Poppables are available now. Trolls World Tour movie will be available on VOD on April 10.