Cooked With Cannabis on Netflix: Everything you need to know

An all-new cooking show, with a twist, is headed to Netflix! Here’s everything you need to know about Cooked with Cannabis.

At this point, Netflix has mastered every genre. From crime dramas to reality shows, the streaming giant has it all, and arguably features some of the best in each genre! Now, it’s taking over the kitchen even further with Cooked with Cannabis, a cooking competition series that debuts on April 20, because obviously!

Kelis Rogers, a singer-turned-chef, and Portland-based chef Leather Storrs, are set to host the upcoming show that focuses on cannabis-infused foods. To many, this is a brand new concept. There’s more to cooking with marijuana than brownies and cookies! Cooked with Cannabis is about to open the world up to three-course meals. How does one even cook this, and, most importantly, are these dishes even good? We’re about to find out.

From the official description from Netflix, “Here lies the most fun-filled, fascinating and mouth-watering cooking competition series that gives a whole new meaning to the word “baked.”

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How many episodes and how does it work: Cooked with Cannabis will consist of six episodes (each running about 40 minutes) and see three chefs work against the clock, competing to create a three-course meal based on different themes assigned to them by our judges. The main ingredient is, of course, weed.

The judges and guest stars: Hosts Storrs and Rogers will sample each course to determine a winner. Dinner guests will also be present to sample the food and chime in with their thoughts. There will be one winner per episode, so three new chefs will be competing in each episode. Expect to see several guests you may recognize, such as Mary Lynn Rajskub, Too $hort, El-P, and others.

Cooked with Cannabis streams on Netflix April 20. Will you be watching?