This Arizona spot serves up drive-thru margaritas

Chili's Grill & Bar, Margarita of the Month. Photo courtesy Chili's.
Chili's Grill & Bar, Margarita of the Month. Photo courtesy Chili's. /

If you’re craving margaritas in a bottle of Patron (like me) in Arizona, this Scottsdale drive-thru will have you covered.

In a time where bars have gone dark, a drive-thru in Arizona has come to the rescue of those seeking their favorite margaritas — in a bottle of Patron.

Located in uber-upscale Scottsdale, Los Sombreros has come to the aid of the margarita-less. Like most restaurants across the country, Los Sombreros had to close their dining room thanks to the coronavirus outbreak. While the Mexican restaurant could easily convert their business to a take-out/drive-thru only format, they needed to figure out how to sell their drinks out of this model as well, especially since margaritas-in-Patron bottles is a big part of the business.

Enter the almighty drive-thru!

According to Narcity, a customer could swing by the restaurant and grab one of their Steve-A-Ritas, which is pretty legendary around those parts. A customer can either get a single serving or a four-serving option, which comes in pretty handy when you’re virtually stuck in the house most of the day.

The Steve-A-Rits cost $10 for a single-serve, in which you can easily see why Los Sombreros was eager to try to keep their drink business afloat. For the four-serving, those come in a resealed Patron bottle, which will run you $35, which will go a long way into helping keep Los Sombreros afloat during these challenging times.

The legendary margarita is made from scratch, owner Adam Rivera said in an interview with Narcity. Rivera added that the Steve-A-Ritas can be made available with your takeout food order, and what better way to become a fan of this unique margarita than while we’re all in time-out thanks to the coronavirus?

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Los Sombreros’ delivery and curbside pickup are open from 11 A.M. to 8 P.M. daily. God bless this slice of margarita heaven.