Will drive-thru grocery stores become a thing?

With California under lockdown, fast food restaurants and grocery stores have been adapting to better serve residents. One way is by offering shoppers a drive-thru grocery store experience.

A grocery store in California is testing out a drive-thru method to better manage time spent shopping, social distancing, and avoiding the spread of COVID-19. Here’s how it works and if more drive-thru grocery stores are going to open across other states.

Shoppers, while still inside their cars, pull up to a drive-thru window to select from the grocery options. After making their payment, they park in an assigned parking spot where an attendant eventually comes out with their groceries, placing them in the car’s trunk.

This is a lot like online grocery shopping where you can pick up your groceries at Walmart (and other stores) and they are brought out to your car. How is this any different, other than ordering online vs at the drive-thru window? If you ask me, it really doesn’t sound that much more complicated or different.

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This does help, though, the elderly if they are not able to have internet connection or want it done a more simple way. Additionally, for every order over $100, customers receive a complimentary roll of toilet paper. Yes, folks, it has come down to this.

Is this something you would like to see opening in your area or are you fine with online ordering. One downside to online ordering is that time slots may not be available as I’m sure many people are online shopping these days. For something a little faster that you can go pick up on your own time, drive-thru grocery stores are perfect!

At the moment, we’re not sure there will be more stores like this opening up. But this story may just inspire other stores and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more soon. That is, if the situation doesn’t improve.