Need bread? Jimmy John’s will deliver it to your home

Jimmy John's. Photo courtesy Jimmy John's
Jimmy John's. Photo courtesy Jimmy John's /

With bread hard to find in some places, Jimmy John’s is now offering to deliver bread to your home. Here are all the details.

With the way things are these days, bread can be hard to find. Whether you’re going to the store less due to social distancing or your store simply is out of bread, figuring out how to get a loaf or two can be difficult. Luckily, Jimmy John’s has solved that problem.

They recently launched their Freaky Fresh Bread On Demand service which allows you to get a 16-inch fresh-baked French bread either delivered to your house or you can go there and get curbside service or go through the drive-thru, whichever you prefer.

Just to make this completely clear: you can call someone (or use the website) and they will bring bread to your house!! Things may be bad, but there are a few silver linings and carbs on demand is definitely one of them.

Jimmy John’s hasn’t put a limit on how many loaves you can get, but obviously, don’t go nuts. Lots of people are probably going to use this service and everyone should be able to at least get a loaf or two.

If you’re a member of Jimmy John’s Freak Fresh Rewards program, you can get more than just bread! If you order an 8 or 16-inch sandwich, you can get a free bag of chips. This offer is only available until April 5, but if you’re getting lunch or dinner delivered or going through the drive-thru, it’s definitely worth it.

It’s great that so many businesses are doing what they can to make people’s lives a little easier during this rough time. Also, come on, it’s bread on demand!!

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Will you be taking part in this offer from Jimmy John’s? Let us know in the comments below!